Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Night Before NaNoWriMo

‘Twas the night before NaNo, and all ‘round  the Earth
The plot lines were forming, awaiting their birth
The writers were ready, all poised with their pens
While visions of victory erased four week-ends.

The MCs were sketched and ready to speak
As villains burst forth with havoc to wreak;
And friends in support roles and we with our plan
Had finished our outlines, took a moment to scan...

And there on the ‘net there rose such distraction
We logged on, checked email and sprung into action
Away to our Facebook we flew like a fiend
Checked Twitter and newsfeeds—we thought we were weaned!

Now Pinterest, Instagram, Ask and Yahoo
Google, and eBay, Groupon and Squidoo
To the top of the rankings! to the top of the stats!
Now sign out, sign out, before we go bats!

As inspiration before the dawn comes
When it meets pure resolve, that about sums
up the challenge to us as we bravely commit
to one thousand six hundred plus words to spit

daily, and just when the clocks sound cukoos
Then lights! Camera! Action! yon comes the muse
who turns our story fair on its ear,
destroys the outline we held close and dear.

And then, in a twinkling, we know it’s no spoof
Each day we must churn out the words as the proof
That we know in our gut we’ve got something to say,
Something profound that must see light of day.

Our eyes, oh how bleary, our hair is a wreck
Our cheeks are inflamed; dirt rings our neck
A bundle of laundry lies on the floor
We feel like fungus! Our muscles are sore.

But wait—this is brilliant! Our MC takes wings!
Look here, she is saying the cleverest things!
Her speech is engaging, her actions enthrall,
Did we really write this? We cannot recall!

The end is in sight now, our joy feels no bounds
Despite the sad truth that we’ve gained twenty pounds
Rewarding ourselves when we’ve felt just plain dandy
With coffee and doughnuts and Halloween candy

Tomorrow it is we’ll go straight to our work
Filled with a fire that drives others beserk
 But now, lay your heads down, close your eyes and sleep tight,


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