Monday, June 11, 2012

Traveling light

“Why are you doing this?” a good friend asked, “just for the hell of it?”  That sounded right; nothing truly compels me to trek through Eastern Europe but the trip is not entirely without purpose. 

I’m pushing my way through my 100 TTDBID* list; wiling away time in the beautiful city of Prague has scrolled to the top. It’s an appealing adventure—exploring the history, culture and beauty of the small countries that once were Yugoslavia. Discovering that my grandfather’s family came from the Eastern Bloc heightens my interest, but mostly the trip meets the criteria of forcing me out of my comfort zone.

I’ll be traveling without my husband and most agreeable traveling companion of 43 years. Sharon and I will be two of four singles in a tour group of 24. We’re counting on a connection formed in high school and nurtured over the years by a similar curiosity about life to make this a memorable adventure
I’m interested to see the spirit of people who live in relative peace now after so much turmoil. I wonder how long it will take me to adjust to a slower pace. Peeling myself away from the rituals that that give my daily life structure—checking my social media accounts, keeping my blogs going, fulfilling obligations, moving from project to project—leaves me with a mild anxiety, especially since I’m laying aside the tools I count on to keep in touch. I’m not taking my cell phone and will count on a low budget laptop with an hour of battery life to send smoke signals.

I took to heart the admonition to take only what I can carry. I’m normally a “plan for any occasion” packer but this trip I have a small roller holding a minimal wardrobe and a back pack with my plastic bag of 3 oz bottles, my map and guide book, my Nook, my Acer, sunglasses, umbrella, camera, notebook and that’s it. Not even a purse. A passport, a debit card and some cash are secreted on my person. My life fits in a paragraph.

I’ve been focused on getting everything done. Now it’s time to stop and go.

*things to do before I die     

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bad Kitty

Bonnie (aka Charlie) and Clyde are not living up to their reputation. The evidence is stacked against them; no bloody tribute lay on the doorstep but this morning the mousetraps in the wine cellar were muy ocupado. Dang! While the mice play B&C nap all day under the shed,showing up for kibble in the morning and evening.

Our property is teeming with wildlife. Birding isn’t in their job description but ya gotta wonder…this morning the quail hooted out front prodding a dozen babies the size of ping pong balls. Could B & C be bothered? Noooooo.
Tasty lizards scooted this way and that and a snoring buck with fuzzy antlers was really put out when he had to rouse himself off the porch side steps and trot off. It appears that B&C have joined a forest menagerie that eats and sleeps on our dime.

Ideas? Anyone?